1. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult (over 16 years) at all times. The adult is responsible for the childrens safety and behaviour at all times.

2. The equipment is designed for children of the age 11 & under and a height and side limit may be enforced at the managements discretion. Adults and children over 11 years may only use the play equipment in a supervisory manner & entirely at their own risk. Use of the play equipment may be limited to 1hr 15mins during busy times.

3. All outdoor footwear must be removed before using the equipment. Socks must be worn at all times by anyone using the play equipment. For safety & hygiene and to avoid friction burns - pens, buckles, badges, jewellery , watches & other sharp objects must not be taken into the play area.

4. Food & drink is not permitted in the play area for health & safety reasons and failiure to comply with this rule could mean the termination of your session. Children must not eat sweets or chew gum whilst using the play equipment.

5. Only food & drink purchased from P.L.A.Y. may be consumed on the premises. Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted anywhere in the building.

6. Children should be encouraged to use the toilet facilities prior to using the play equipment.

7. Our staff are supervising your safety please follow any instruction they give you (failiure to follow instructions could mean the termination of your play session.)

8. Personal items and the responsibility of their owners & P.L.A.Y. will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. All persons entering the premises does so at their own risk.

9. For the safety of all visitors anybody showing destructive or aggressive behaviour will be instructed to leave the building.

10. We operate a yellow card, red card rule for play area safety. On their first warning children will receive a yellow card, on their second warning they will get another yellow card and the parents/guardians will be informed. On their third warning thery will receive a red card and will be sat out for 5 mins to calm down.


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