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If you would like a free demo of OSMOS then just click HERE
File Size approx 8MB


If you have not experienced the incredible graphics and engaging point and click game play of Samorost you must give it a try. There are a limited number of levels, so the danger of wasting lots of time is reduced [for those at work].
Samorost 2
After you have mastered the original, Samorost 2 awaits your head scratching attention. You will laugh out loud at some the bizarre contraptions and pure creativity in this sequel.
Some puzzles and questions for the kids.
p u l s u s

This is a time waster for those of us who embrace our nerdiness and love science.

Figure out how to push different particles to the goal.


Remember Marble Madness.
Well this is the same sort of thing except you are a... er.....

Download the game and install it on your computer for FREE!
Just click
(The install version is called Stopple but it is the same game)


Not so much a game, more an Optical Illusion...


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